Breathing 101

Breathing 101: Breathe Fully, Live Fully
A Return to the Authentic Breath

With Gaye Abbott, Registered Yoga Teacher/Therapist

Your life may change every day and in each moment, but the breath is a tool to
anchor you.  Allow it to be the constant thread around which you weave your life.

In this workshop expect to:
•  explore your innate natural fluid breath movement
•  discover holding patterns in breath & body

•  gain mastery and awareness in tools that will support relaxation
•  improve your ability to expand into your potential in life
•  increase endurance, stamina, and awareness of a  sense of well being,
interconnection, and inner peace
• open creativity, stimulate vital overall health

People are saying:

“One of your best gifts to me was and is the knowledge you taught in “Breathing 101”.
It continues to help sustain me.
Pure MAGIC!!!  Tracy Morera, Middlebury, Vermont

“It changed my entire life and was the most powerful thing I have ever done”. John, Yoga Teacher, Corvallis, Oregon

“You were a hit!  You are a hit and you will be wherever you take your dynamic energy and radiant spirit”.
Jean, Yoga student, Northern California
Gaye is available for workshops, classes, retreats or speaking engagements. She has presented in college campus, hospital & medical clinic, hospice, highschool, corporate, non-profit, cancer support group, yoga, and women’s crisis center settings.

Contact Gaye at: or 802-318-6296

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