Deep Down Inside


Deep down inside I yearn for the beauty of a breath that takes me into kingdoms of unknowing where I dance free and unencumbered by the trappings of life that oft bind me, if I allow it.

Now with one single breath, and one step, I find a completely and utterly distinct fresh location that seems to be moving into different configurations of life now and now….and now.

I throw my arms up in the air and embrace the clouds entangling a soaring bird in my fingertips.  Oh, that you soar free my fine and sacred feathered friend.  For you are me and I you.

With an exhale wings expand and I find myself high above the verdant forest below with not a care in my heart or a pain in my mind.

Body rooted into the sky and thinking released to the ground below, my yearning lets go into the complete and utter joy of flight.

Gazing down, drawn by the salt of the air there is wave after wave of blue green water tipped with the white foam of mirth.

Suddenly wet with the saline that runs through my veins my flesh is held at the top of a wave.  The moment is taken within as a baby held by giant foamy arms.

This ride is one that drenches me with the utter deliciousness of water flight.  In one moment lusciously inviting in, and the next catapulting into the air.

In that moment of launch, into the unknowing moment, the sound I make startles me out of the complacency that runs life in moments.

Propels me into waking up as the breath fills my lungs and invades every cell of my body and beyond.

For what is this place but a surrender into God – the Source of all creation – ripe with nothing and filled with everything.

This moment of breath, this life that invites me over and over again to simply be present to the spacious unfolding of life – now…..

Gaye Abbott, February, 2017



Inspiring New Possibilities, Living From the Heart of Life While Co-creating Well Being of Body, Mind, Heart and Planet….One Breath At A Time

Gaye Abbott, RYT assists individuals to dissolve the layers that block well being and reveal, through a combination of the energy medicine of Jin Shin Jyutsu, yoga therapy and breath re-patterning, and as spiritual mentor/guide/coach, the larger purpose and co-creative expression that we are here for.

For those interested in receiving private sessions please contact Gaye at:  Travel to your location in the U.S. or globally is available as is Skype mentoring/coaching.  Please inquire. 

Coaching and Editing for Transformative and Visionary Writers

I help you reveal new possibilities in your creative work

Language is fundamental to who we are as biological beings and is the primary vehicle for taking effective action in our lives. It inherently carries within it our identity in the world and the potential for connection and collaboration.

As an advanced practitioner of Jin Shin Jyutsu I am able to see and work with the connection between the body’s energy system and that of language. Conversations actually live in our bodies. Words hold energy that stimulate our biology in various ways.

Transformative writing opens spaces, triggers possibility and stimulates your reader to take effective action. This is Language as Energy Medicine



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