Month: April 2011

Many Paths to Stillness of the Breath

“When the breath is irregular, the mind is also unsteady; but when the breath is still, so is the mind.” ~ Pradipika I start with this quote as I am going to venture a bit away from it…well maybe way off from it.  But… Continue Reading “Many Paths to Stillness of the Breath”

Breath of Flight – Ride The Wave

“Life is in the breath.  One who half breathes, half lives.”  Chinese Proverb As I write this 1,000’s of feet up in the air in a plane, taking a deep breath seems to take on a very different set of life skills.  Why is… Continue Reading “Breath of Flight – Ride The Wave”

Earth Shift – The Breath of Rebalance and Connection

Many times over the last few weeks Breathing Spaces has commented on the innate truth of the deep interconnection of all life on this planet we call Earth and beyond.  From sharing the air in each breath we take, to the moving wings of… Continue Reading “Earth Shift – The Breath of Rebalance and Connection”

Breathe Through Your Heart

  Years of “meditation”, formal and informal, have taught me that fully being present to  life moments is truly the “meditation” that will change not only our individual lives, but all that we touch and beyond.   This practice of awareness  has the potential to… Continue Reading “Breathe Through Your Heart”