Earth Shift – The Breath of Rebalance and Connection

Many times over the last few weeks Breathing Spaces has commented on the innate truth of the deep interconnection of all life on this planet we call Earth and beyond.  From sharing the air in each breath we take, to the moving wings of a butterfly felt on the other side of the world…to the upheaval that is presently shaking our Earth back into balance.

Co-Creating, maintaining, and honoring all ready well established natural sustainable systems that grow and thrive in balance, harmony, and interconnectedness is perhaps at the focal point of what we as humans need to remember of what has gone before….before our narcissism put us above the life forms that sustain our very being and we fell into the illusion of being separate.  We do have this innate interconnected wisdom within us.  It is in our cells.

This weeks post shares with you a few words taken from recent thoughts by Carolyn Myss after the most recent natural disasters.  It is BreathingSpaces hope that the magic, intelligence,  and mystery of our natural world, the Earth planet we live upon,  be embraced with love, honoring, and gratitude….and that each person remember it is the natural order of things that brings us the very air we breathe.

Could it be that as we remember to breathe naturally within the cycles and rhythms of the breath that we were given at birth – that we will be inspired to reconnect with all that gives us life and become once again the guardians of Earth….instead of the destroyers….remembering that there is an intelligence that resides in every single living thing. and we are deeply and irrevocably connected.

……“We are now living at a time when all cycles and systems of life are out of balance, including our system of perception itself. We do not “perceive” life clearly at all and thus, we as a society make choices that are based on endless illusions. And illusions lead to disasters. There was a time not so long ago, for example, when human beings walked more humbly on the Earth and under the Sun, the Moon, and the stars. Before the “Age of Reason,” a person walked into a forest filled with the awareness that the forest was as aware of him as he was of it. He shared the ground with the forest and all the creatures who lived there. They were not his for the taking, for the slaughtering, for dominating. In times gone by, people lived in a type of consciousness in which even the slightest movement of the wind meant something – perhaps heaven was piercing the veil between dimensions, speaking in a soft breeze, moving a branch or a leaf in order to communicate a message, or a warning, or signal its approval. The stars that filled the sky at night were not just pretty, shining objects, but proof of a celestial homeland, the blanket of the Divine covering humanity. Every living creature had purpose and meaning, a place in which it was given a natural dignity because it was created by a God no one doubted existed.

Of course human beings were still human beings in those days before the Age of Reason introduced a love of logic and a God who (obviously) had scientific reasons up “his” celestial sleeve for why all things happen as they do in this whole big universe. Civilization was also a dark and dreary place back then, with disease and the plague, and endless wars … Oh wait, am I describing then or now? Oh, I’m describing their version of then, not ours. Though they also had war, and they also had epidemics, and they also had starvation, what they did not have that has driven our civilization to the brink of madness is an epidemic of narcissism blended with an epidemic of blind doubt about the existence of the cosmic structure that holds together this fragile place called Earth. Back then, no one doubted the existence of this invisible reality. Today, that doubt is an epidemic and the absence of respect and reverence for the Earth is reflected in the choices governments and corporations make as well as individuals.

Is Mother Earth angry? Don’t be silly. A cosmic force hardly gets angry. But a cosmic force is seeking balance, just as your individual body seeks balance when it has been struck with a toxin. What is the difference?

The Earth will continue to have an increase in earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, droughts, and whatever else is required to reestablish balance in Her environment. She is a living organism that is, in effect, rebooting Herself. Only the human community has the idea that we somehow live apart from the Earth, that the Earth does not respond to our breathing, to our thoughts, to our actions. It’s incomprehensible, to be sure, to even hold such a perspective. But the Earth is that sensitive.

Recycling, I assure you, is not enough. Consider the Earth as a family member instead, as a Being that sees you as clearly as you see it. And you are on the “Earth” as much when you are standing in the midst of New York City or London as you are in the middle of a forest. You are still “on the Earth”. Standing on concrete or in a building does not make it any less “Earth” except if you hold to the perception that what qualifies for the “Earth” is out of the city in green or desert nature. But that’s an illusion. How can you ever be off or away from the “Earth”? It’s precisely that perception – that Nature is in the country but not in the city – that maintains the illusion of separateness. You may prefer to be in the country but you always are on the Earth.” …….

-Carolyn Myss

Thank you to Lynn Walker for passing this on to me...

Symphony of Science – We Are All Connected


RESOURCETilly Greenway & The Secret of the Ancient Keys: Book 1 -Watchers, by Essi Tolling

Come back to the remembering of a world where all was intimately interconnected with the natural world, and magic prevailed throughout the land.  Travel with 12 year old Tilly and 13 year old Zack in an adventure of a life time – an adventure that reminds us of who we are and how far away from that we have fallen to.  You won’t be able to put it down…I couldn’t!



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