Month: October 2011

Give Us This Day Our Daily Breath

ANNOUNCEMENT!!  I invite you to go to the Natural Wealth website to see a Sneak Preview of my upcoming book: Give Us This Day Our Daily Breath expected out in e-book and soft cover by 12/1/11!!  Got to right hand column and click on… Continue Reading “Give Us This Day Our Daily Breath”

Breathing and Balance

Recently I was taken by the insight that being in balance is not a state to cling to.  We all know that when we are “out of balance” in our lives that it can affect many things in our body, mind and emotions.  However,… Continue Reading “Breathing and Balance”

Patterns As Prisons

Dewitt Jones  “Our patterns, too long unquestioned, become our prisons. Break the pattern! And see the scene before you with new eyes.” Weekly I receive a picture and quote from DeWitt Jones, an internationally known photo journalist who is committed to viewing life and… Continue Reading “Patterns As Prisons”