The Breath Pause Between Ubuntu and Namaste

unityUbuntu does indeed feel like a Unity word!  Take a moment to feel it as your mouth creates the sounds that bring the word to life.  It is flowing, connected and literally feels like a way of life.  My body wants to dance with this word. Dancing to the sound of drums – the beat of our hearts – uniting us in every breath moment.  Taking it all in INHALE!

Nelson Mandela states that Ubuntu asks the question:  “Will you do something to engage the community around you to improve?”  As our global community becomes smaller and smaller in the sense of communication and interrelatedness this indeed is the question of our day.

What action can you take today in your own community – within you own being –  that will most certainly affect others beyond your geographical location merely by the respect, human kindness, caring, trust, unselfishness, love, and sharing that you are actively demonstrating?

Meeting each other in Ubuntu we may find that the most embodied response is Namaste.  Two hands at our hearts toNamaste_silk acknowledge all that we are, bowing to all that another is, whether that other be human, animal, plant or a vision that brings us closer together as a global community.

This gesture resonates with Ubuntu on a very deep and profound level.  It recognizes that the life force, the divinity, the Self or the God in me is the same in all.

It also reminds us of the deep interconnectedness between all life forms.  What is done to another all can feel.  What is said by one can be heard by all.  What one creates sparks creation by others.  What stillness is felt in one becomes the sacred in another.  And it goes on….EXHALE….

The breath pause between Ubuntu and Namaste is called collaboration.  A deep collective determination to co-create and realize a shared goal, vision or significant change in current systems or structures.

Namaste_smWe are at the crossroads in a time when we must take action to shift our consciousness from one of separation, judgement, misdirected power, war and blame to one of connectedness, sharing, co-creation, peace, understanding and love.

Already so many across the planet are breathing in from the place of Ubuntu and breathing out Namaste.  Will you be one of them?  INHALE/Ubuntu….PAUSE IN COLLABORATION….EXHALE/Namaste



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