Tag: Breathing Peace

The Open Palm

Life as it really is dictates that we will go through periods of discomfort. Sometimes minor and at other times incredibly challenging like death of a loved one or serious illness. This very discomfort reminds us that we are alive, as do the moments… Continue Reading “The Open Palm”

Soul Musings/Day 15: Attentive Holiday Breathing

Mailing packages at the post office today I felt it. That rather frantic irritable energy that seemed to be emanating off of many there. One of my clients this week noticed that she felt irritable after coming home from work. She couldn’t get a… Continue Reading “Soul Musings/Day 15: Attentive Holiday Breathing”

Soul Musings/Day 14: Heart Openers

What better practice this time of year than to do heart opening. Whether in a yoga class, in meditation, smiling at a stranger or gazing in someones eyes. There is yet another practice that holds the possibility to go deep within your own heart… Continue Reading “Soul Musings/Day 14: Heart Openers”

Soul Musings/Day 7: Rushing to Yoga

Time got away from me this morning and I forgot to listen to my Soul. The Sunday morning yoga class ritual was to start in 30 minutes and I was still at home. Throwing my props into the car I drove like a mad… Continue Reading “Soul Musings/Day 7: Rushing to Yoga”

The Breath Pause Between Ubuntu and Namaste

Ubuntu does indeed feel like a Unity word!  Take a moment to feel it as your mouth creates the sounds that bring the word to life.  It is flowing, connected and literally feels like a way of life.  My body wants to dance with… Continue Reading “The Breath Pause Between Ubuntu and Namaste”