Freedom Is The Oxygen of The Soul

“Freedom is the oxygen of the soul. “
Moshe Dayan


Did you know that you aren’t really breathing? It is the planet’s atmospheric pressure that sends breath into the body. With the process we call breathing, our body simply changes its shape in such a way that the pressure in the chest cavity is lowered, thus permitting air to be pushed into the body during inhalation. During passive breathing, as when sleeping, it is the universe that breathes for us. On the exhalation, we do nothing; the body tissues that have stretched during inhalation simply spring back to their original shape.”  Anna Hunt

When we consider that the cosmos is doing our breathing for us it reflects an unlimited potential for freedom.  The deep interconnection with everything around and beyond us feeds and nourishes our individual and interconnected lives at a level so vast that it is rather mind boggling.  Even the trees participate as the lungs of the Earth!

Imagine that when you are asleep (and awake!) there is nothing that you are having “to do”, but instead are gifted with the experience of complete freedom and support in simply being.  You are being kept alive and vibrant by forces beyond your control, ones that are intimately collaborating on your behalf.

The oxygen in your blood powers your metabolism, circulation and your ability to heal.  Decrease the levels in oxygen and you will be prone to illness, mental/emotional instability, and weak physical and mental performance.

You receive air and you give it back again without any effort on your part.  The eternal circle of giving and receiving born out of the freedom of living in this human body.

Since we have this much freedom within this crucial biological action that keeps us alive and vibrant, then there is no reason not to live within our fullest potential by expressing that unique, rich, juicy soul purpose here and now – to acknowledge that the natural world and the much larger cosmos is collaborating to keep us alive.

If you were given a gift of breath from the Earth/Universe as basic as this wouldn’t you do something with the freedom that this gives you to play in and reciprocate?


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