Month: August 2010


“Your true support system is in each breath that you take.  It is your inspiration: the movement of air that spirals in and out of your mouth and lungs each second of every day.  It is the breathing-in of your Divine Self; your connection… Continue Reading “INSPIRATION”

The Wise Blueberry – Metaphor For Abundance

Oregon is well known for it’s magnificent blueberries and I certainly take advantage of that during picking season – which is right now!  Just the thought of those luscious berries with all of their sweet taste and antioxidant elixir brings me into pure pleasure. … Continue Reading “The Wise Blueberry – Metaphor For Abundance”

NOT Waiting to Exhale: Stop Holding Your Breath, and Start Living Your Life

When we hold our breath, we constrict the flow of life force by clenching our bodies, or by telling ourselves limiting stories.  We are practicing separation, instead of belonging.  We are literally putting up walls to the experiences and people that have the potential… Continue Reading “NOT Waiting to Exhale: Stop Holding Your Breath, and Start Living Your Life”

Compliance or Creativity?

“Creative living does not mean only the creative life of the artist.  To make art is wondrous, enriching, and indispensable.  But it is just as essential to enjoy the freedom to live creatively whatever we may be doing, whether it’s slicing carrots, cutting flowers,… Continue Reading “Compliance or Creativity?”

Root Bound