Root Bound

root bound
Enhancing breath with “growing things” is a “thought addendum” to the last post.  After an hour of pure delight wandering the “breathing spaces” of Home Grown Gardens I walked out of the nursery with two purchases to take home.  One was a chocolate-mint geranium – and yes they do smell like that – and the other was a beautiful ceramic reddish/purple pot for a plant that I had at home that was begging me for more “breathing room”.  This particular plant happens to be at my sliding glass door and right in front of my kitchen table where I often eat and gaze out at the alpacas cavorting across the country road.

Every time I would attempt to water this particular plant, or even look at it, my breath contracted.  Why?  The plant literally was so root bound that there was no more room for it to breathe and seek the nutrients it needed to thrive. Water would just sit on top and not even go into the soil. When I took it out of it’s too small pot the roots were starting to move out of the hole at the bottom of the pot, and what I witnessed was a strangulated mass of roots with very little soil.  Placing that plant in new soil and a larger space after gently giving the roots some room, I could almost feel the expansive energy radiating outwards towards me.  My breath expanded too!

Looking at this plant now I smile – and when I water it there is room for nourishment to be taken in.  Plants and nature provide breathing space for us. As we take care of them – they take care of us.  What happens when we don’t provide a big enough container for ourselves – do we cease to thrive?

Gaye Abbott, RYT

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