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Soul Musings/Day 13: Trusting There Is Enough

“Trusting that there is enough air to breathe is an underlying sustainable process that goes on day after day without our conscious attention.  Imagine for a moment that all aspects of your life carried this much trust.” Gaye Abbott from Give Us This Day… Continue Reading “Soul Musings/Day 13: Trusting There Is Enough”

Soul Musings/Day 6: Essensual Breath

All life that came before us depended on senses to navigate their particular place in the world, their physical survival actually depending upon it. As this connection deepens, and in some cases returns, our direct experience of life in the moment expands. Simply taking… Continue Reading “Soul Musings/Day 6: Essensual Breath”

Soul Musings/Day 3: Laughter for the Soul

Laughter, a universal vocabulary without words. A connector in mirth or an attempt to belong. Stimulator of feel good endorphins or scornful disdain. A veritable landscape of sounds capturing humanity in free for all expression. Belly laugh or quiet giggle. Breaker of tension. All… Continue Reading “Soul Musings/Day 3: Laughter for the Soul”

Embodied Samadhi

I was being asked to “drop the body” and I felt rebellion brewing up under the surface.  The well meaning yoga teacher was attempting to point out the many ways in which we contract our bodies in fear or barricade ourselves from the assumed… Continue Reading “Embodied Samadhi”

Breath As A Tap Root

Imagine if you will a very large dance floor where everyone is moving freely in their own rhythm weaving in and out among other bodies in motion.  Sometimes making contact with others by mutual consent to play with movement, dance, touch, and energy –… Continue Reading “Breath As A Tap Root”