Life Breathing


The power of words – their energy and their contextual roots – reaching deeply into human psyche.  Unraveling stories – coming alive to be lived now, yet straying into future and past.

How tightly we hold on to them, until they can only gasp for breath begging to be set free.  Attempting to create meaning and security when all of a sudden they fly away and become something else entirely – casting into the depths, un-prying fingers and minds from around them.

To creation of worlds and words and feelings and sensations we have never experienced before, like a virgin opening to voluptuous sensual connection and animate life.

Come now, let me tell you a story that has never been told, so free of the contraction and constraints of our daily lived grind of sameness.  Let us embark, set sail, like a first step without fear – diving deeply into the unknown beyond what we know

….. or think we know.

Listen to the passions spoken so clearly Sourced by your body, heart and soul, following into the peaks and valleys of life where everything is “enough” – including yourself.

Trust the knowing, then letting go of even that in a free fall where the landing place reveals itself only in the now and now and now.

Be still for this is your life breathing….


(This piece was written on 12/25/18 in celebration of the writing muses coming actively back into my life once again after 2 years away (most probably on some exotic coastal island enjoying themselves!).  Written on the Sonoma Coast of Northern California, it felt as if time stood still while the words flowed without any thought or struggle, blowing over the sand and sea on a gorgeous Christmas day…..Gaye Abbott, 1/6/19

Soul Musings/Day 13: Trusting There Is Enough


Trusting that there is enough air to breathe is an underlying sustainable process that goes on day after day without our conscious attention.  Imagine for a moment that all aspects of your life carried this much trust.” Gaye Abbott from Give Us This Day Our Daily Breath

It is within the exhale that we trust there will be another inhale to follow, for if we did not we would never let go of the air that is nourishing us at this moment. We would cling on to it as if it is our last breath – our last chance at life.

The quality of your exhale then represents how much you do indeed trust your life. Holding-on to the exhale, or in other words holding-back from exhaling, mirrors areas of your life that could be immersed in conversations that hold doubt, fear, protection or contraction in your body.

Here, within the bodies sacred union of air and the process of breathing, is nested an opportunity to come into direct contact with what may be holding you back from taking that next active step, or fully expressing yourself.

Take some time to play with your exhale (yes PLAY!) by singing, chanting, laughing, or sounding on the exhale – perhaps with an extended “ahhhhhhh” sound, or the sound you make when traveling down a roller coaster with your hands up in the air!

This gives your body a thumbs up to reinstate the liquid relaxed flow of the exhale and to interrupt conversations in your body that create stagnation and potentiate contraction.

Use the breath to be aware of ways in which you are holding back on your own life ……and play with the freedom and trust that an unrestrained exhale provides.



Inspiring New Possibilities, Living From the Soul of Life While Co-creating Well Being of Body, Being, Heart and Planet….One Breath At A Time

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