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STOP! Unplug…..Focus One Point and Breathe

Yes.  I am going to invite you to go on a “media fast” this week.  That means smart phones, internet, television, newspapers, ……   Choose one day, or take the entire week.  It is up to you. The reason for this is to open into… Continue Reading “STOP! Unplug…..Focus One Point and Breathe”

Breathing In A Danish Psychomotor View

Breathing Spaces is blessed to have a global readership which brings new perspectives on the breath to my attention.  I was most fortunate to connect with a Danish “psychomotor therapist” by the name of Siff L. E. Skovenborg just a month ago. Siff  shared… Continue Reading “Breathing In A Danish Psychomotor View”

Essensual Breath

“There are moments of insight when ancient truths do stand out more vividly,   and one senses anew his relationship to the earth and to all life.   Such moments are worth waiting for, and when they come   in some unheralded instant of… Continue Reading “Essensual Breath”

Many Paths to Stillness of the Breath

“When the breath is irregular, the mind is also unsteady; but when the breath is still, so is the mind.” ~ Pradipika I start with this quote as I am going to venture a bit away from it…well maybe way off from it.  But… Continue Reading “Many Paths to Stillness of the Breath”

Make Room In Your Pelvis

Have you ever checked in with the tension that you may be holding in your pelvic floor muscles??  If you live in a Western culture I would be willing to bet that there is quite a bit of unnecessary tension there (we don’t squat… Continue Reading “Make Room In Your Pelvis”