NOT Waiting to Exhale: Stop Holding Your Breath, and Start Living Your Life

Sylvia Beach Hotel, Newport, Oregon

When we hold our breath, we constrict the flow of life force by clenching our bodies, or by telling ourselves limiting stories.  We are practicing separation, instead of belonging.  We are literally putting up walls to the experiences and people that have the potential to not only change our lives, but to open them wide up!  Yesterday a very good woman friend and I took off for the coast on a whim, and a desire, to be out in the rare sunshine at this time of year.  What was to be a pleasant day spent in nature and in good conversation turned out to be a phenomenal 24 hours!  What changed our direction?  Intuition, a willingness to let go of an agenda, a hunger for adventure, creative passion, a willingness to trust in the unknown and –  NOT waiting to exhale!  It was in the exhale that we let go and opened room for “inspiration” to fill us back up again.

What came out of this decision?  An absolute feeling of freedom and joy walking on the beach knowing that we had an entire afternoon, evening, and morning to just be; moments to soak up sunshine on the veranda of the hotel; laughter, play, and connection with “strangers” at our shared dining experience playing “2 Truths and a Lie”; a sensual dining and breakfast experience with luscious food; feeling into the rhythms of our bodies as to when to stay up and read late into the night, or go to  bed early; connecting with people that held some direction to a big personal leap that is up coming (Note here – synchronicity shows up more often when you follow your intuition/gut feeling in the  moment!); and the inspiration to create a “Spontaneity Bag” which is an overnight bag that holds just what you need for a spontaneous decision to stay overnight, drive off in an unknown direction, or even hop on a plane or train – totally unplanned.  Perhaps it should be called an “EXHALE BAG” – and note here that it should be kept with you at all times!

Here is a short 3 minute video called JUICE (click here) bringing the wisdom of a 5-year old.

and another tool that will remind you to NOT wait to exhale for those of you that are on your computer a lot.  Install it and be reminded to be in the moment and breathe:

Gaye Abbott, RYT
Natural Passages Consulting  

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