Compliance or Creativity?

Creative living does not mean only the creative life of the artist.  To make art is wondrous, enriching, and indispensable.  But it is just as essential to enjoy the freedom to live creatively whatever we may be doing, whether it’s slicing carrots, cutting flowers, trading bonds, baking bread, taking a walk, drawing a breath, riding a bus – or writing poems, symphonies, or novels.  The portrait of the artist is really about the creative spark that exists in each of us, young, old, and in between, that is enlivened by solitude.  When that spark is ignited, our lives feel rich and meaningful; when it stays buried, we go about the business of living ready-made, compliant, rule-dominated lives, wondering what went wrong and how to change it. “  Florence Falk from On My Own

I am certain that Julia Cameron of The Artist’s Way would agree with that statement as she affirms that creativity is everyone’s birthright and I say is medicine as essential and health giving as the breath.  Art teaches us to express how we feel – as the breath teaches us how to live fully embodied lives.

We come already equipped at birth to live full and vibrant lives.  Of course not all of us are born into circumstances that promote that way of living, and some of us come in with early, or acquired later on in life,  health challenges that we assume affects our ability to live creatively or breathe fully.  The challenge here is for each of us to see and feel what may be in our way of uncovering the full creative expression – and breath! – that we were born with (even if we feel “I don’t have a creative bone in my body” or “I have a health challenge that prevents me from fully breathing/living.”) Did you know that the Balinese don’t even have a word for art in their language because everything is creative!

Get curious!  Give yourself some solitude to explore.  Perhaps uncover – or honor – a passion – and watch what happens to the breath as you savor the experience and entertain the possibilities that seem to birth themselves out of nowhere.

Compliant or Creative??  You choose….

Here are some suggestions from most challenging to easy:

*Quit your present job (that you cannot possibly fully express YOU in) and bring your passion to life!  For this one please go to for inspiration!!!!!!….and watch this video: 

  Be certain to look at The Artist and The Beautiful Project!!

*Go on an Artist Date weekly by yourself and spend one hour exploring a place/art/music/etc that inspires you.

*De-clutter your living spaces and find your creative energy coming back that was lost in the mess.

*Take a Gratitude Walk (more on this in future posts) and put your attention on what you are grateful for – including the surroundings you are walking through.

*Eat a meal mindfully and slowly paying attention to the colors, textures, tastes and smells.

*Send a friend, family member (or even stranger) a card that you have created.

*Be still and breathe in this moment….

Gaye Abbott
Breathe Fully, Live Fully!

Root Bound

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Enhancing Breath With Delight

“If I go for too long without delight, I lose my sense of placement in the world.  I start to believe I am small.” – Christine Kane

So…the experiment.  Today I visited my absolute favorite local nursery, Home Grown Gardens, in Corvallis, Oregon.  My love for “growing things” sends me into realms of delight, so it was here that I experimented with staying aware of the quality of my breath, the thoughts and feelings that passed through, and the sensations in my body –   exploring this world of live, growing, sense stimulating plants, flowers, trees, art pieces, and a few people scattered here and there.

What happens when we are in environments that delight us?  We become more alive and vibrant, our bodies relax, we see more clearly, creativity often opens, the corners of our mouths turn up, and yes – our breath opens and expands.

The hour that I spent at Home Grown Gardens was like a massage of the creative soul.  I delighted in just walking the paths of the gardens, passing from one  mini-environment to another, interacting with the owner Jeff who classifies himself as “just the plant man”, meeting  Carrie – artistic plant/flower nurturer & placement specialist  (and nursing student on break), taking pictures of whatever delighted me, and purchasing a deep reddish/purple pot for a home plant that needed more “room to breath” and a delicious chocolate-mint geranium (YES! it does smell like that).

NOW, make a list of what delights you.  You might be surprised at the things that appear on your list!  Then take one and do it this week.  Breathe with Delight….

Gaye Abbott, Natural Passages Consulting

Breathing Spaces – What Is This?

Launch Day of Breathing Spaces! …and my very first post!!  I have just finished a 49-day Up Level Your Life daily coaching program with Christine Kane and am celebrating by inviting each of you to join me in exploring Breathing Spaces – a place to explore inner and outer resources, practices, and global wisdom for enhancing and expanding your breath, creativity,and awareness –   The mantra here is “More Breath, More Life“!… creating more breathing space to thrive in!

In the coming days and months look for posts that reach into the worlds of science, spirit, senses, heart, indigenous wisdom, ancient practices, humor, art/creativity, the extraordinary and ordinary, nature, global thought, sacred geometry….and more!  What this site IS NOT

….just another information site….a self-improvement site….a purely entertainment site


…Inspiring…thought provoking…encouragement to creativity…stimulant to curiosity…motivational…..mind bending – at times….and most assuredly A COMMUNITY FORUM!  My intention is to write pieces that activate and captivate  you to take a deep breath, and remind you of who you are within these ease filled breathing spaces.

Consider this an invitation to play in the Breathing Spaces on this blog…and to share YOU with us.

Gaye Abbott, A Breath Inspired Writer