Clearing Trauma From Body & Emotions



Recently there have been, and continue to be, many trauma’s in our country as well as the world.  They seem to be unfolding faster than we can keep up with them. This  also includes the devastation of our natural world through global warming and human interference, and our intense grief and fear associated with it.

Our culture in the United States does not advocate taking time for clearing trauma from the tissues of the body and the emotions.  Instead we are asked to “carry on” and act as if we are “past it” and “soldier” forward. War language at it’s worst!

Even the recent traumas that have directly affected me – my dear friends in Houston with the floods and devastation; the fires here in Northern California intimately affecting my son, my grandchildren and so many others that are dear to me; and a recent minor car accident I was involved in.

Life these days seem to contain more violence and trauma than we have ever experienced before even if we are not directly involved.  We are intimately interconnected with all living beings and it depends on our sensitivities how much we feel these traumas….but know that we do indeed feel them…all of us! (especially the empaths among us)

Yesterday a beloved friend and co-workers son fell on the playground and sustained a concussion.  She rushed him to the ER where a CAT scan was done and it was determined that he had a head injury.  His vision was impaired, thinking slowed and he had quite a headache.  This was traumatic for mother and son alike.  The medical world pronounced him OK and sent him along home with instructions for mom.

But what of the trauma within the tissues of the body and the emotions that are sometimes forced down because it is not OK to display them openly?  Parents are told to keep in control and not “scare” or “upset” their kids, and boys of a certain age are told to “shake it off” and go on – “be a man” – and not cry.

Even if the parent is saavy, as my friend, is open to supporting their child and themselves in releasing the trauma and does not buy into cultural norms….the culture still often keeps our kids (and our parents) captive by unspoken “rules” of behavior that are somehow ingrained in our psyche.  Especially if our children are budding pre-teens and male.

What if the prescription for healing quickly, and without keeping residual trauma encased in the cellular structure of the body for years afterwards, was to openly welcome the emotions and the physical releases that simply want to emerge after any kind of trauma – whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual?

Welcoming in immediate assistance in supportive timing from somatic and mind-body therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, energy medicine practitioners and the like will not only speed recovery, but will also make certain that the particular trauma is not carried on within the body/mind/emotions.

What can you do immediately after a trauma such as my friend just experienced if seeking support right away is not possible?

*Stay grounded but real by breathing down into your roots (soles of your feet into the earth) and allowing the body to release the trauma when it feels safe to do so.  Releases can manifest in ways such as shaking or jerking of the body; crying or loud sound; a need to express verbally; desire to be held or comforted.  Small children are great at this and such teachers for us!

*Give your child or loved one permission to release in whatever way feels right for them in the moment.  Stay grounded and open. This may include placing your hands on them with their permission. Simply a loving and supportive touch or gentle massage by someone they trust can signal the body/emotions to let go of the trauma.

*Let your child or loved one know that you also were affected by the trauma and were scared for their well being.  Give yourself permission to release too when there is a space and time for you to do so.

*Engage the support of friends who will be real and supportive listeners, as well as  healing practitioners of your choice.

*Learn ways to quickly release trauma from the body by holding certain points (as in Jin Shin Jyutsu, acupuncture points, tapping etc.) if this is something that would be helpful for you.  There are many excellent practitioners that can assist you and a richness of online resources.

Trauma is not meant to be experienced alone though often times we find ourselves there.  Trusting the wisdom of the body/emotions to release naturally and asking for support and assistance is vital for long term well being.

We are a global community…..


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