A Waste of Breath


How much of our breath is taken up with words of complaint or dissatisfaction?  How often are we reacting to life creating our own suffering versus savoring each precious moment?

I ask myself these questions often as a reminder to wake up to the beauty and simple act of breathing.  Breathing in the experiences that are present to each of us on a daily basis within each moment.

A few years ago now I remember taking a signed “Complaint Free Contract” into work and pinning it to the board above my computer.  It created quite a stir with laughter and puzzlement by many of my co-workers.  They shortly found out that I was dead serious in my intention, not only to be free of complaining, but also to be grateful for as many things as possible.

Slowly it affected those in close proximity to me and for a few weeks complaining went down by 75% or more.  Smiles were seen more often and our patients benefited from a staff that seemed happier and more collaborative.  But like anything it didn’t last and the complaining slowly crept back in again.

Our breath is precious, not only to keep us alive, but to bring our whole expression into the world.  Complaining is indeed a waste of breath.  It serves only to bond ourselves and others into a group victim consciousness with no resolution in sight.

The suggestions in the picture above are simple and we forget them often.  I include myself in that.  As our inhale and exhale moves us into the next moment of our lives we have a choice.

Let go of reaction first.  Then breathe….  reflect instead before wasting one single breath on that first word of complaint.  We only have a limited amount of breaths allotted to each of us during our lifetimes.  Wouldn’t you rather spend your last breath (and many more before your last!) saying I love you?


TIP FROM THE UNIVERSEIf your breathing itself was not proof enough that you are loved beyond comprehension,  then how about your freedom to feel unlimited joy, in spite of circumstances that surround you?



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2 Comments on “A Waste of Breath

  1. Hello Gaye,

    Thank you so much for what you share. It matters and it makes a difference.



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