Beyond Our Own Boundaries

Eyes of A Child - Photography by Dewitt Jones

“If we want TRULY EXTRAORDINARY VISION then you have to continually expand your horizons, take risks.  If we don’t push our edge we’ll never expand our view.. It’s not trespassing to go beyond your own boundaries.”

Dewitt Jones, National Geographic Photojournalist

Going beyond our own boundaries is an expression of creativity as I see it.  The expansive artist knows this well…and that artist is within all of us if we only let down the walls separating ourselves from the heart of our own unique vision.  I never quite know what I am going to post for the week on this blog, but somehow it always appears. How does that happen? I stretch out and open to see what comes in….and then creation is born.

Last year I found an amazing photojournalist, Dewitt Jones,  who works with National Geographic.   For me he represents that wild, creative, and curious soul that isn’t afraid to wait for opportunity to present itself.  He inhabits a breathing space of promise, possibility, vision, and the sacred in the practice of everyday creativity.  I was so taken with him that I posted a video that left me inspired to tap my own deep well of creativity and see possibility everywhere.  I give it here for you again in “Celebrate What Is Right With The World”.

Visual Banquet

“Every evening nature sets before us a visual banquet.
How often do we join her at the table?” D.J.

My favorite part of finding Dewitt is that one of my readers, Sheila Finkelstein, who is an inspirational artist/photographer herself, was so excited about discovering this man and his work that she e-mailed him last year…and he responded back!  Well to make a long story short she is now interviewing him at the end of this month and the information for that interview is below.


I invite you to join Dewitt and Sheila by clicking on the link below.   On this call you will learn that “creativity is not about being artistic, but about an attitude! An attitude that can change our perspective, invite limitless opportunities, and help us see the extraordinary.” DJ

This interview is Tuesday, January 11, 8:30-9:30 EST so please go to the link above to sign up soon.  It is free of charge and an MP3 will be made available to you if you can’t be on the call.   Even if you don’t consider yourself a photographer, or better yet wish that you knew more about it, the time with both of them will take you to an expanded breathing space of how you “see” the world around you!