Vibration – Another Look At Sacred Geometry

There is a vibration that all living things share.  Each has their own unique pattern and flow – a resonance.  The basic life pulse on our planet has been at 7.8 seconds and now this is changing – speeding up –  which means that patterns of vibration must change to respond to this pulse.  Perhaps the seemingly fast pace of “time” is a reflection of this shift.

We carry these patterns within us and we hold a vibratory pattern within the liquid crystal of our bodies. Our own bodies are comprised of a large percentage of water – up to 60%.  Muscle is made up of nearly 75% water and fat only about 50% water.  Bones are composed of about 50% water.

Each emotion also holds within it a vibratory pattern as shown by Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work with water crystals in The Hidden Messages in Water.  We have all felt the shift in our energy as we experience different emotions.

At the level of a drop of water, as the molecules and atoms dance,  there is an exquisite vibrational art piece being created which is constantly changing – a pattern of sacred geometry into which we live and breathe.

Water droplet sacred geometry

Gregg Bradens video below explains how these vibrations in a drop of water morph into thresholds of resonance in more complex patterns held into place by increasing vibrations.  As frequencies drop the patterns go back to simpler patterns.  This sacred geometry resides in you.

Perhaps our entire planet is realigning in order to return to a healthier state of vibrational resonance. Consider that as a breathing space!  Comments are welcome.


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One Comment on “Vibration – Another Look At Sacred Geometry

  1. We’re the webmasters/designers for EcoNest and saw you signed up for their newsletter. Loved your domain, so I thought I’d check it out.

    Funny…I just had this video sent to me from a friend, so that was a ‘funny sync’. Love your writing, I will be checking your blog more often!


    – Lars

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