Soul Musings/Day 23: Sharing the Breath


“What a marvelous cooperative arrangement – plants and animals each inhaling each other’s exhalations, a kind of planet-wide mutual mouth-to-stoma resuscitation, the entire elegant cycle powered by a star 150 million kilometers away.”–Carl Sagan, “Cosmos”

The act of “inspiration” supports our embodied aliveness. The word carrying with it many meanings, layers and nuances.

In the simple act of drawing air into the lungs there exists a reflective relationship with the spirit of air. A partnership which is shared with all that are living.

Diving deeper into distinction inspiration is also an act of receiving and communicating sacred revelation.

When we consider the air that we breathe a quantum connector and shaman of inspiration why wouldn’t we want to breathe fully.

Filling our lungs with the exhalations of Life breathing.

Living life as sacred with every breath.



Inspiring New Possibilities, Living From the Soul of Life While Co-creating Well Being of Body, Being, Heart and Planet….One Breath At A Time

Soul Musings is a 31-day practice for the month of December immersed in deep listening to what is emerging and unfolding day by day.  Eight sentences with occasional resources to explore more deeply.

Each post, invited by Soul, allows the words to emerge unscathed from prior planning, editing, or censorship.  Dwelling in uncertainty and dipping a toe into mystery this union of words is an attempt to resonate within an innate way of Being…. returning “home”.

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Gaye Abbott




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