Sympathetic Breathing

“Sympathetic Breathing” brings to my mind many possibilities.  I see two people embracing each other, matching breath and bringing support and love.  I also am aware that we feel the breath rhythms of everyone around us and actually breathe the air that all that went before us have breathed – including the plant and animal worlds.  This “intermingling” of breath…although some of you may not want to consider that…speaks to the deep interconnectedness that we mindfully, or unmindfully, play in every day.

There is also a natural breath rhythm that can calm the sympathetic nervous system in our body.  The sympathetic system is a system that activates during stress, worry, fear, or anxiety.  It is our fight or flight system that was beautifully created for us when we needed to run from the tigers (or whatever was chasing us in the moment) to survive.  The chemicals that are stimulated to flow, and the physiological activation of muscles, reflexes, heart, and breathing to “survival mode” wear our body down over time…but certainly saved us from danger in the past.

The video for this week uses beautiful images in nature and mindful guidance to instruct on our natural blueprint of breathing.  This breath is one which calms and balances the sympathetic nervous system and stimulates the parasympathetic system,which is our deep relaxation response.  Mindfully breathing in this manner can not only bring more peace and health into your life, but can also affect those around you as they align with your breathing.



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