The Deepened Breath of Gratitude and Kindness

In celebration of World Kindness Day I dedicate this post to the breathing space of gratitude which is intimately linked with acts of kindness.  It is the experience of most that when one is in a place of gratitude that everything “lightens up”.  This relaxed and grateful place of “wealth” stimulates our breath to deepen and our natural innate expressions, love, and creativity to come out and play.  It is here within this breathing space of gratitude that we remember why we are here.  It is here in this breathing space that we are innately inclined to practice acts of kindness.

My day yesterday reflected this in every moment from first awakening to my last eyes wide open moment.  The aromatic scent of cardamon and cinnamon awakened my taste buds in the cup of green tea chai that I was sipping while writing within the light of a candle lit to celebrate the unfolding of the days possibilities.

Aligning a place within us in gratitude before we start each day, and at night before we go to bed,  naturally evolves into acts of kindness whether you are doing them, receiving them, or giving them to yourself.  It was my intention to come from this place in every moment of my day no matter what was happening.

Everywhere I went I remembered to smile and make eye contact being grateful for the connections that were essential to the tasks before me.  Entire conversations lasting only moments had significance because we touched each other in a personal way.  Everything felt easeful, even when waiting in traffic or in line.

When I found a long line at the post office I was grateful that I had a way to send the payments, personal correspondence,  and donations that I held in my hand.  Out of this place I relaxed… and out of this place the man in front of me had me go ahead of him because he stated “I am going to take a long time”.  This man had lost teeth, was a little unkept, and could possibly have been homeless, but he practiced an act of kindness.  I made certain to give a light touch on his shoulder when I left and thanked him again for his kindness.

Walking out of the athletic club that I belong to after a satisfying weight training session (acts of kindness to oneself!), I gasped in appreciation as I saw the sky filled with feather like clouds.  The man who was limping out with me heard my gasp, looked up and said “it is like God’s paintbrush!”.  We both smiled and felt blessed to be able to witness the beauty…and to share it with each other.

Even looking at the money that had been deposited in my bank account that day I realized that there was more than enough to share in acts of kindness to Women for Women International (sponsor a woman for $27/month!), Nature Conservancy and to become part of the solution of tolerance in our world at Southern Poverty Law Center.  The feeling of wealth that I had within me must have radiated out because it was at the post office where I was mailing these donations that I was ushered to “please go ahead”.

It is moments like these that add depth and fulfillment to our lives and remind us that everyone is “doing the best they can with what they have”.  These acts of kindness come when we open our hearts, come out of hiding, and look into the eyes of God standing right in front of us.  They are spontaneous most often, although sometimes planned,  and leave us breathing more deeply and embracing life.

As Maya Angelou said so eloquently:  “People will forget what you said.  People will forget what you did.  People will never forget how you made them feel.”

I am in appreciation to Sherryl Frauenglass of A Woman’s True Voice (FB) and Robin Rice of Awesome Women Hub for the video below by Humanity Healing Network.

Random Acts of Kindness with music by Enya


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