Breathe Into This Moment of Beauty

When faced with the depth of natural beauty that this picture of Alberta, Canada clearly evokes one’s breath is almost “taken away”.  Right in this moment in fact my attention is taken by a stunning bird with bright blue wings standing on my fence outside of the window.  As I watch the bird my breath is embodied and the moment is captured on my lifeline.

How is it that we are faced with unquestionable beauty every single day of our lives and yet we allow it to pass by?  A girlfriend and I were having a discussion about money the other day as we walked around a beautiful Austin lake.  Like the breath and the flow of the water in the lake, money is meant to circulate.  The inhale of receiving and creating….the exhale of letting go and giving out.

This natural cycle of breath, nature and wealth happens in each moment making us increasingly aware of flow and the very experiences that make up our ground of being…and that of everyone and everything around us.  All pulsing with life and begging us to immerse in the beauty of the moment being breathed into and out of.

Not all of our life moments seem beautiful. We often contract around them as if there won’t be another moment or another dollar…or another smile or sunset.  Is it our ultimate demise that has us forgetful and rushing to grasp the next experience? Yet what if we saw each moment as an opportunity to breathe more fully…to actually pay attention to our life now.

Like another friend of mine who is taking a mindful photography class.  She is taking on the practice of waking up to life flowing through the gift of the senses.  As you view the exquisite video below – meant as a promotional video for Alberta, Canada – remember to breathe into the moments of beauty, movement and awe…this is your life!



Give Us This Day Our Daily Breath Preview and Reviews can be found here:

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