Soul Musings/Day 5: Cherishing Breath


Let’s pretend for a moment that our beloved is named “Breath”. How would our present relationship with our breathing change?

If breath became shallow and contracted we might take some moments to notice and then soften shoulders, neck, facial muscles and belly/pelvis so that Breath could expand, relax and feel our love.

In those times when Breath leaves us all together for moments at a time, we might decide to invite Breath out for a walk, run, or a dance around the room embracing every inhale and exhale making certain that Breath feels they are the most important part of our life.

When Breath becomes all out of sorts coming and going in short bursts and irregular rhythms, we might offer a gentle touch or massage, or share laughter to soothe the “savage beast”, opening Breath back again to the natural innate rhythm that Breath prefers to live within…..and where your relationship thrives.

It may be a challenge to have Breath as a lover since you cannot see Breath, nor touch Breath, but as Helen Keller said – “The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.”

Without Breath we would not be here to cherish others. Without other beings we would not learn all the ways to cherish ourselves.

(Excerpted from “Give Us This Day Our Daily Breath” by Gaye Abbott. Link below)



Inspiring New Possibilities, Living From the Soul of Life While Co-creating Well Being of Body, Being, Heart and Planet….One Breath At A Time

Soul Musings is a 31-day practice for the month of December immersed in deep listening to what is emerging and unfolding day by day.  Eight sentences with occasional resources to explore more deeply.

Each post, invited by Soul, allows the words to emerge unscathed from prior planning, editing, or censorship.  Dwelling in uncertainty and dipping a toe into mystery this union of words is an attempt to resonate within an innate way of Being…. returning “home”.

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Gaye Abbott




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