EMERGENCE: Bringing To Light the Unseen and Unrecognized


Deep in the ground
a root grows out of nothing.
Soon, a blossom emerges sending its fragrance
to the wind.
A bee stops for supper.
Pollen spawns an offshoot
years later
a garden of verbena appears.
All that lives grows within,
All that dies lives within.
Each breath nurtures
an unfolding,
pours water
to a budding blossom
and the chest flowers open
breath by breath,
leaning towards Spring.

-Leza Lowitz, Yoga Poems, Lines to Unfold By,
Revolving Head to Knee



Walking in the brilliant sunshine on a path I know well here in Austin was cause for celebration of emerging life that has been hidden within Winter’s embrace. The turn of season’s, especially Winter to Spring, reminds us of the aspects of our being that lay in wait to be rediscovered and brought into the Light as the lovely pink buds on this tree.


Today was my usual day to visit my one remaining Hospice patient at a nearby nursing home. I know little about his life before he was placed here, but what I do know is that in spite of the advancing Alzheimer’s disease he brightens and opens when his senses are stimulated.


What to some is a man who is retreating into a world where no one can reach, is to me unlimited potential for emergence. If you have never been in a nursing home before, and particularly on a Memory Care Unit, you will not know of the containment that often exists and the lack of stimulus to open into flower.


On this emerging Spring day we decided to take a short walk outside in the patio of the Memory Care Unit. As soon as the sunshine and the fresh air were upon Terry his entire being opened and blossomed right in front of me. Ahhhhh sounds erupted, a smile broke across his face, eyes widened, full breath engaged. His excitement literally vibrated through the hand that I was holding as we walked a bit and sat on the patio listening to the sound of the birds in the nearby trees.


In those moments I was privileged to witness that which is unseen and unrecognized by most who care for him daily. Living systems come into being through emergence and are illuminated as they change in the ever present dance of life and death. Art, music, writing, dance, science, the natural world….and we as humans are part of this biological phenomenon.


Taking some moments to be absolutely present to those small unassuming births, rebirths and deaths align us with our own lives in a way that illuminates those liminal thresholds of emergence.





Inspiring New Possibilities, Living From the Heart of Life While Co-creating Well Being of Body, Being, Heart and Planet….One Breath At A Time


Gaye Abbott, RYT assists individuals to dissolve the layers that block flowing energy and reveal, through a combination of the energy medicine of Jin Shin Jyutsu, yoga therapy and breath re-patterning, and as spiritual mentor/guide/coach, the larger purpose and co-creative expression that we are here for.

For those interested in receiving private sessions please contact Gaye at: JoyfulGaye@NaturalPassages.com.  Travel to your location in the U.S. or globally is available as is Skype mentoring/coaching.  Please inquire. 


Coaching and Editing for Transformative and Visionary Writers

I help you reveal new possibilities in your creative work

Language is fundamental to who we are as biological beings and is the primary vehicle for taking effective action in our lives. It inherently carries within it our identity in the world and the potential for connection and collaboration.

As an advanced practitioner of Jin Shin Jyutsu I am able to see and work with the connection between the body’s energy system and that of language. Conversations actually live in our bodies. Words hold energy that stimulate our biology in various ways.

Transformative writing opens spaces, triggers possibility and stimulates your reader to take effective action. This is Language as Energy Medicine

Inquire:  JoyfulGaye@NaturalPassages.com


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Gaye Abbott

NATURAL PASSAGES CONSULTING Inspiring New Possibilities, Living From the Heart of Life While Co-creating Well Being of Body, Mind, Heart and Planet….One Breath At A Time. Gaye Abbott, is a wild and free soul who just so happens to LOVE writing, playing with energy, ecstatic dance and free form movement, living and breathing in nature, her 3 sons and 3 grandchildren, communing with friends and global community, organic food and cooking, creating home sanctuaries to live within, a lack of material possessions....and laughter every single day! As a wise elder of 72 years she feels decades younger....and acts it too! Devoted to being of service to the Earth and all living beings Gaye seeks the peace of mind and openness of heart that provides the foundation for effective action in the world and her community. http://www.GayeAbbott.com OTHER BLOGS BY GAYE ABBOTT: www.WildlyFreeWoman.com www.BreathingSpaces.net www.WildlyFreeElder.com Give Us This Day Our Daily Breath Preview, Reviews and purchase links can be found here: http://gayeabbott.net/books/

2 thoughts on “EMERGENCE: Bringing To Light the Unseen and Unrecognized”

  1. Hello Gaye!

    I have enjoyed your emails for several years now. I loved the picture below! Living in Augusta, GA, our neighborhood is beginning to look very similar! I wanted to share with you, a video which covered a project I was involved with, a few years ago. I think you would appreciate it. Enjoy! And keep doing what you are doing. xo, Lucy Gonzales-Romero




    1. Thank you so very much Lucy for sending this video on to me! I have actually passed the link on to the Volunteer Coordinator of the Hospice I work with thinking that it would be a great resource for our volunteers. Loving and compassionate touch is always healing and connective, especially combined with essential oils!! Many Blessings Coming Your Way, Gaye

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