In Our Own Being – We Are Enough

What are we here for?? 

Ram Dass says “Our whole spiritual transformation brings us to where we realize that in our own being we are enough”.

I am enough, there is enough, you are enough” – a mantra spoken by a friend of mine on a daily basis has shifted her life and her perception of “enough”.  Perhaps when we fully embody this fullness within ourselves,  everything else shifts a tiny fraction allowing us to see and feel life in an entirely different framework – exploding our narrow perceptions and beliefs, and expanding our ability to give to others and ourselves from a place of creative awareness, open heart, and deeply aligned self acceptance.

From this place of enough comes the act of generosity.  This act comes not from a place of “have to” , “duty”, or “obligation”,  but a place of wholeness within – a place of fullness where generosity comes naturally as an outward expression of who we all are.

As each of us move through the holiday season, perhaps feeling obligation to give – remember to check in within yourself to feel what is natural and what way of giving enhances the breath and aliveness of another – and in turn to yourself and the planet upon which we live.

Breathing and living from this place gives us opportunity to live fully knowing and experiencing that there is enough.  This can come in the form of simple eye contact, a hug, or as in the video below an awareness that we all share the same humanity.

There was an opportunity the other day in the medical clinic I work at to fully embrace a patient as I called him back to the exam room.  This older man was outwardly a little rough in appearance and smelled strongly of the tobacco that he used regularly.  As he came towards me and moved into an embrace that he  initiated, I fully gave myself to the experience allowing myself to accept and let go of the slight reluctance I had to get “that close”.  As we pulled back from each other I  found myself smiling broadly at him.  The eyes of this Native American man held the love that he wanted to give…and that which he yearned to receive.

This simple act of generosity in connecting with another in whatever form that you feel naturally arising within you is the real gift that we can give each other.  We may not ever know exactly the impact that it has had….but we do know how we feel when in the act – ENOUGH!

You ain’t livin til you givin!

He who allows his day to pass by without practicing generosity and enjoying life’s pleasures is like a blacksmith’s bellows. He breathes, but does not live.” ~ Proverbs



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