Do You Remember?


Beauty is here.

and you are here…

you were always here…

do you remember?




Reflections today on the awareness that we are not what and who we think we are and neither is any one else.  As Jon Kabat-Zinn says in his book, Coming to Our Senses – Healing Ourselves and The World Through Mindfulnes:

“We are all much larger, and more mysterious.  Once we know this, our possibilities for creativity expand enormously, because we understand something about how we get in our own way and are diminished through our obsessive self-involvement and self-centeredness, our preoccupation with what we think is important but really isn’t fundamental. ”

May we always remember the interconnection with the many sacred gifts around us.  We are the stuff of which all of this is made… in the breathing space of the planet we call earth. Let us collaborate with, and support creativity in each other – sustaining this life, our lives – the future generations of all living things!

Echoes of Creation – An Official Trailer

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Gaye Abbott

NATURAL PASSAGES CONSULTING Inspiring New Possibilities, Living From the Heart of Life While Co-creating Well Being of Body, Mind, Heart and Planet….One Breath At A Time. Gaye Abbott, is a wild and free soul who just so happens to LOVE writing, playing with energy, ecstatic dance and free form movement, living and breathing in nature, her 3 sons and 3 grandchildren, communing with friends and global community, organic food and cooking, creating home sanctuaries to live within, a lack of material possessions....and laughter every single day! As a wise elder of 72 years she feels decades younger....and acts it too! Devoted to being of service to the Earth and all living beings Gaye seeks the peace of mind and openness of heart that provides the foundation for effective action in the world and her community. OTHER BLOGS BY GAYE ABBOTT: Give Us This Day Our Daily Breath Preview, Reviews and purchase links can be found here:

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