It takes only one breath to commit to stilling that single moment into a creative listening space.  A space that brings the depth of what it is to live and love NOW.  What better gift can we give to ourselves, each other,  and our planet in a time when there is so much stimulation to distract us from the importance of simply listening…being present.

Creative Listening by Wilferd A. Peterson.
One of the most important habits of a creative thinker is to be a good listener.  Stand guard at the ear-gateway to your mind, heart, and spirit.
Listen to the good.  Tune your ears to love, hope, and courage.  Tune out gossip and resentment.
Listen to the beautiful.  Listen to the music of the masters.  Listen to the symphony of nature–the hum of the wind in the treetops, bird songs, thundering surf. . .
Listen critically. Mentally challenge assertions, ideas, and philosophies.  Seek the truth with an open mind.
Listen with patience.  Do not hurry the other person.  Show them the courtesy of listening to what they have to say, no matter how much you may disagree.  You may learn something.
Listen with your heart. Practice empathy when you listen.  Put yourself in the other person’s shoes.
Listen for growth.  Be an inquisitive listener.  Ask questions.  Everyone has something to say which will help you to grow.
Listen creatively.  Listen for ideas or the germs of ideas.  Listen for hints or clues that may spark creative projects.
Listen to yourself. Listen to your deepest yearnings, your highest aspirations, your noblest impulses.  Listen to the better person within you.
Listen with depth. Be still and listen.  Listen with the ear of intuition to the inspiration of the Infinite.


As you still the breath a gateway to Creative Listening unfolds.  Watch for the many forms that this practice can take.  It can be the self listening that these men did….

TC Bank – Dream Rangers

…or simply receiving the Words of Love from your local community…and Saying It Forward



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