Pure Spacious Presence

Between the head and feet of any given person is a billion miles of unexplored wilderness. ~Gabrielle Roth

Both Dennis Lewis and Gabrielle Roth speak of spaciousness to explore in the quotes above.  Using the breath as a vehicle for exploring this spaciousness is a practice that is well worth your time and attention.  Have you ever spent a day, or even a moment, exploring the spaciousness that is opened up within the presence of your breath?

Let’s take this and ground it right now.  We can talk esoterically or spiritually….but what is it really like to do something no one – including yourself – ever imagined that you could achieve.  That would take a full embrace of everything you are – this spacious Presence Dennis Lewis speaks of and the “wilderness” that Gabrielle Roth suggests.

Purpose and capability is part of this exploration.  Wander through the video below about Kyle Maynard.  His journey speaks to the pure spacious presence that can be found when you say yes to, and embrace, the full present life that you have been given.  No room for anything less than this after seeing what Kyle has embraced!

WEBSITE:  www.ResonanceWithLife.com


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