Breathing Room


These three things that matter can most often be found within another three states: Silence, Stillness and Spaciousness.  How our ego puts up a fight against even dipping one single toe into a space large enough to hold a full inhale and exhale in this very moment.

Try this simple exercise and see what happens – stand with feet planted on the floor about a hip distance apart, arms at your side with palms facing forward.  Watch as a full breath starts from the belly, expands the ribcage and back, then cascades like a waterfall on the exhale pausing in the pool of breath at the bottom.    Take several breaths this way.

Now close your eyes and lean forward as far as you can without tipping over.  Watch what happens to the breath.  Now come back to center and root down.  Watch what happens to the breath and be aware of all the micro-movements and adjustments the body must make in order to simply stand upright.

For most of us this simple exercise reflects what happens constantly all day long.  We lean into the future and our breath is literally held as our mind takes us to the next thing on the agenda.  There is no breathing room.

I experienced that today in a conscious exercise in yoga class.  As we moved very slowly from one pose to the next the mind wanted to revolt, to run, to judge, to do anything but be quiet to the burning muscle or the reflex thought about tomorrow.  Instead we were instructed to place our mind on gentleness within the silence, stillness and spaciousness that grew as each breath passed.

To gracefully let go of the ego’s urging to move out of the pose, run to the bathroom, or chant the mantra – this is too hard!  Watch the breath, love the body, let go gracefully of what is not meant for you.  How much more do we suffer if we don’t give enough breathing room to expand the moment that we are in right now?




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Breathing Room – Our Homes As Sanctuaries

“The soul moves in circles” -Plotinus.

Have you ever thought about your living space and how much of a difference it makes on how you breathe and express in your life?

Rachel Ross of Mandala Custom Homes states that if what Plotinus said is true then –   “Hence, our lives do not proceed in straight lines, but reverberate and reflect around and around like a beautifully patterned mandala. Perhaps this is why it feels so good to be in a round space.”

It also feels right and good to be in connection with nature within our homes from the materials that we build our homes with, to the way that they interface with nature.  Having just spent a couple of weeks in my friends home at Dreaming Forest Farm housesitting with the sound of a stream nearby, and the presence of trees all around, calmed my being and allowed breathing spaces inside of me to expand and be nurtured.

Whether you are in the city, the country, on the coast, in the desert,  or in the mountains the opportunity to create breathing room for all that live within is at your fingertips.  Clear, clean, and sustainable spaces contribute to your well being and the environments.

EcoNest co-creator Paula Baker-Laporte says:

EcoNest Home

Our dwelling is our interface with nature. The average person spends 90-95% of their time indoors. In order to enjoy optimum health and well being, we depend on this envelope not just to moderate our climate but also to embrace nature in its majesty and vitality.  ….living in harmony with nature is essential to our physical, mental, and spiritual well being.” –

Sustainable homes that support the ecology of the environment that they are in, as well as our own inner ecology – and the creation of beauty and sanctuary in our home – makes certain that the environment one spends a great deal of time in is a true “breathing space”.

Our living spaces are vitally important for our vibrancy, well being and relationships to each other and the earth.   I invite you to go to both Mandala Custom Homes page through Facebook, and EcoNest (links above) to start dreaming into expanding your breathing room and that of our planets!


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