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Non-Separation and the Breath

A few years ago a story of the consciousness of interconnection unfolded right before my eyes.  This happened from a place of non-separation, or in other words a real sense of oneness between people and nature.  It is a simple story really – one… Continue Reading “Non-Separation and the Breath”

The Path of Opening

“The person who breathes deep and easy, who holds minimal tension in the shoulders, who lifts the heart and chest – she/he has a very different experience of life. The root of the word courage means heart.  When we collapse the chest, we become… Continue Reading “The Path of Opening”

Breathing Room

These three things that matter can most often be found within another three states: Silence, Stillness and Spaciousness.  How our ego puts up a fight against even dipping one single toe into a space large enough to hold a full inhale and exhale in… Continue Reading “Breathing Room”

A Waste of Breath

  How much of our breath is taken up with words of complaint or dissatisfaction?  How often are we reacting to life creating our own suffering versus savoring each precious moment? I ask myself these questions often as a reminder to wake up to… Continue Reading “A Waste of Breath”

Just Breathe

How many moments in our day are we not present?  How many times do we think of where we want to be instead of where we are right now? Valuing the moment puts us in touch with our bodies, our heart, and the present… Continue Reading “Just Breathe”