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Beyond Our Own Boundaries

“If we want TRULY EXTRAORDINARY VISION then you have to continually expand your horizons, take risks.  If we don’t push our edge we’ll never expand our view.. It’s not trespassing to go beyond your own boundaries.” –Dewitt Jones, National Geographic Photojournalist Going beyond our… Continue Reading “Beyond Our Own Boundaries”

Welcome Home – Sharing a Breath of Kindness and Generosity

“Do a deed of simple kindness; though its end you may not see, it may reach, like widening ripples, down a long eternity.” -Joseph Norris This being my last post of 2010 I wanted to make it something that we can not only reflect… Continue Reading “Welcome Home – Sharing a Breath of Kindness and Generosity”

Breathing Peace

The Symptoms of Inner Peace *A tendency to think and act deliberately, rather than from fears based on past experiences. *An unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment. *A loss of interest in judging others. *A loss of interest in judging self. *A loss of… Continue Reading “Breathing Peace”

The Deepened Breath of Gratitude and Kindness

In celebration of World Kindness Day I dedicate this post to the breathing space of gratitude which is intimately linked with acts of kindness.  It is the experience of most that when one is in a place of gratitude that everything “lightens up”.  This… Continue Reading “The Deepened Breath of Gratitude and Kindness”

Sympathetic Breathing

“Sympathetic Breathing” brings to my mind many possibilities.  I see two people embracing each other, matching breath and bringing support and love.  I also am aware that we feel the breath rhythms of everyone around us and actually breathe the air that all that… Continue Reading “Sympathetic Breathing”