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Soul Musings/Day 20: Love’s Greatest Gift

Breathing love onto the Earth Inspired growing things to rise up from rich, dark soil Feeding the human that gave their labor Who then share their food with the family nearby An offering is left on the altar that evening Found by the fox… Continue Reading “Soul Musings/Day 20: Love’s Greatest Gift”

Soul Musings/Day 16: The Pause

“We too should make ourselves empty, that the great Soul of the Universe may fill us with its breath”. Laurence Binyon It is within the stillness and emptiness of the pause that all life unfolds. This is the space that is ripe with possibility… Continue Reading “Soul Musings/Day 16: The Pause”

Soul Musings/Day 15: Attentive Holiday Breathing

Mailing packages at the post office today I felt it. That rather frantic irritable energy that seemed to be emanating off of many there. One of my clients this week noticed that she felt irritable after coming home from work. She couldn’t get a… Continue Reading “Soul Musings/Day 15: Attentive Holiday Breathing”

Soul Musings/Day 12: Breathing Possibilities

We thrive and survive in possibility. The next breath we take is rooted there. That breath will be taken. Or possibility shut off ……and we die. Every time we deny our life moments. Too busy to notice what is beckoning our soul. We fall… Continue Reading “Soul Musings/Day 12: Breathing Possibilities”

Soul Musings/Day 11: Alive Now

On the inhale silently say to yourself “alive” and on the exhale “now”. Take time to rest in the pause before the inhale naturally returns. This moment is a gift of awareness. Resting in the pause that you are “alive now” is a daily… Continue Reading “Soul Musings/Day 11: Alive Now”