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Soul Musings/Day 2: Life is Breathing

Be present to life breathing around you, ever mindful of the artful ways that breath pulses among the minutest of cells and atoms woven amidst the field of Being that captures each one of us within the next inhale. All breathing for and with… Continue Reading “Soul Musings/Day 2: Life is Breathing”

Soul Musings/Day 1: Generous Breath

Focus on the pelvis. A basin for the breath. How can we possibly breathe fully if the receptacle that provides the primary foundation from which our being fills is locked and rigid. There is no room for generosity of life here. Rocking gently back… Continue Reading “Soul Musings/Day 1: Generous Breath”

Breath Taking Flight

Have you ever simply watched and felt a bird taking flight….being present to every nuance of wing, body, air, sound….those precious moments just before the launch?  Swept with awe at this natural way to travel from one place to the next could be so… Continue Reading “Breath Taking Flight”

Freedom Is The Oxygen of The Soul

“Freedom is the oxygen of the soul. “ Moshe Dayan “Did you know that you aren’t really breathing? It is the planet’s atmospheric pressure that sends breath into the body. With the process we call breathing, our body simply changes its shape in such… Continue Reading “Freedom Is The Oxygen of The Soul”

Drink In The Breath

Drink in the magnificent world that has been given to you. Take a full breath and know that this very inspiration could be the one that the Amazon rain forest, or the tree outside of your window has gifted to you from a deep… Continue Reading “Drink In The Breath”