Category: Breathing With Nature

The Most Important Breathing Space Of All

On this day, in celebration of the role of motherhood bestowed upon many of us, I took a walk out into nature.  Reflecting on the richness of having given birth to 3 unique and amazing sons and having been given birth to by my… Continue Reading “The Most Important Breathing Space Of All”

Earth Shift – The Breath of Rebalance and Connection

Many times over the last few weeks Breathing Spaces has commented on the innate truth of the deep interconnection of all life on this planet we call Earth and beyond.  From sharing the air in each breath we take, to the moving wings of… Continue Reading “Earth Shift – The Breath of Rebalance and Connection”

Life Breathing Through Us

When we come together with another life form we share the breath in the air that surrounds us.  We take of the same breath so to speak.  Down through the millennium this has continued.  In fact we are breathing and sharing the recycled air… Continue Reading “Life Breathing Through Us”


It takes only one breath to commit to stilling that single moment into a creative listening space.  A space that brings the depth of what it is to live and love NOW.  What better gift can we give to ourselves, each other,  and our… Continue Reading “CREATIVE LISTENING – A GIFT OF LOVE THAT KEEPS ON GIVING”

Trees Are The Lungs Of The Earth

“Don’t cut your trees, because the trees are the lungs of the earth. ” -Milda Sebris , a resident at Ellen Memorial Health Care Center, turned 100 on 1/26/11. To breathe is to live embodied.  Without this exquisite process going on day after day,… Continue Reading “Trees Are The Lungs Of The Earth”