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Soul Musings/Day 5: Cherishing Breath

Let’s pretend for a moment that our beloved is named “Breath”. How would our present relationship with our breathing change? If breath became shallow and contracted we might take some moments to notice and then soften shoulders, neck, facial muscles and belly/pelvis so that… Continue Reading “Soul Musings/Day 5: Cherishing Breath”

Ungripping Life’s Breath

“I walk lighter, stumble less, with more spring in leg and lung, keeping my center of gravity deep in the belly, and letting that center ‘see.’ At these times, I am free of vertigo, even in dangerous places; my feet move naturally to firm… Continue Reading “Ungripping Life’s Breath”

Tornados and Rainbows

This nature choreographed pas de deux may never be captured again. The glimmering light colors of a rainbow are always changing requesting our attention to beauty. Do we perceive that in the moment, or instead gaze back at the rainbow minutes later only to… Continue Reading “Tornados and Rainbows”

Breath Taking Flight

Have you ever simply watched and felt a bird taking flight….being present to every nuance of wing, body, air, sound….those precious moments just before the launch?  Swept with awe at this natural way to travel from one place to the next could be so… Continue Reading “Breath Taking Flight”

Embodied Samadhi

I was being asked to “drop the body” and I felt rebellion brewing up under the surface.  The well meaning yoga teacher was attempting to point out the many ways in which we contract our bodies in fear or barricade ourselves from the assumed… Continue Reading “Embodied Samadhi”